The Boor is a short one-act play written by Anton Checkov. This particular performance was produced by and mounted at The Chicago Actors Studio in 2008 starring CAS students Jonathan Frank, Yasmeen Musa, and Michael Dwiggins. Directed by Artistic Director and Instructor Edward Dennis Fogell, this performance is part of the Chicago Actors Studio training series. The training series includes the exercise of plays mounted by the school and are comprised solely of student actors enrolled in classes at CAS. These series of one-act plays are produced to create opportunities for students to make an educational and experiential connection between CAS workshops and live performance. Students are also exposed to casting professionals to track progress and for casting considerations. Family members and friends are also encouraged to attend these productions. Cast members and crew may also use clips like the one above for their promotional DVDs, upload to their websites, and invite family, friends and casting personnel to our web channel to view their work.

The video above is one example of works produced by The Chicago Actor’s Studio. Please check out our webpage as we will be continuing to post more footage of performances and workshops in progress.