The very first way to make certain that you fail is by not attending this crucial workshop, packed wall to wall with information and guidance that every single actor NEEDS TO KNOW.  It’s what you don’t know, or think you know, or the many myths that you believe in that’s going to almost GUARANTEE that you will not make it in this business!

We guarantee this seminar will be an absolutely eye-opening experience containing information and tools that you have never even considered or known about prior to attending. You will walk away with a brand new perspective of the business and armed with tools that will catapult and supercharge your career with new productive strategies to achieve a successful career.

OR not attend, and keep making the same mistakes that 90 percent of all would-be actors continue to make. The choice is yours.

This seminar will be conducted by people that know this business, that have researched hundreds of professionals in the arts such as Academy Award winning stars, Agents, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, Acting Coaches and Marketing Professionals, just to name a few, and bringing all their experience right to you.

The cost of a seminar like this would normally be as much as $300. The cost to you? $35 and 3 hours of your time. The value? Immeasurable.

Attend or decide to pass up on this great opportunity. If you are absolutely serious about making it in this business, the choice is simple.

Date: May 2nd

Time: 3pm-6pm

Price: $35

Learn The essentials of the business, including:

– How to plan your acting career

– Knowing your type

– The Concept and Importance of branding

– Creative Marketing tools and Techniques

– An Actors’ Slate

– Your Demo

– Headshots

– Resumés as it pertains to various markets

– What you should leave off your resume that will get you further ahead

– Networking Techniques

– How and when to get representation

– How to create good working relationships with your agent

– Ins and Outs of Union membership

– Finding and Winning Auditions

– How to get casting directors to notice you?

– How to avoid scams

– The Techniques of negotiating deals

– The right mindset

– Working the red carpet

– and more

Question and Answer session at the conclusion of this event.

Book a seat today!  Call the Chicago Actors Studio at 773-645-0222 to reserve!