Ear Prompter Class Returns May 21st!

This 5-week course offers valuable and necessary training specifically designed for those seriously interested in adding this technique to their toolbox of skills to broaden their opportunities. Ear prompter proficiency is often required by casting directors and is now an essential skill for professional actors. In fact, for many projects, actors who are Ear Prompter proficient are TEN TIMES more likely to be cast. Learning the Ear Prompter is also essential to be cast as a spokesperson, in Trade Shows, Industrial films and more. 

Classes will be held Thursdays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, starting May 21st.

Ear Prompter class is instructed by professional actress, coach and spokesperson Patti Balsis.  To learn more about Patti, visit her site at http://www.pattibalsis.com

To register, call us at 773-645-0222, or just click the link below.