Marketing Seminar at the Chicago Actors Studio

Show business is actually two words, “Show” and “Business” Way too many that aspire to fulfill their life-long dream of becoming a working actor know way too little about how this wacky but wonderful business works.  The “ins and outs,” Who’s who, What to do once you have training, where to go and what to look out for, and more.

So once again, The Chicago Actors Studio brings directly to you some of the major movers and shakers located right here in the Chicago-Land area, including:

– One of the top casting directors, David O’Connor of O’Connor Casting
– Film and TV producer and WGN radio host Carl Amari of Falcon Pictures and Hollywood 360
– Talent agent Susan Sherman of Ambassador Talent
– And celebrity guest Marcus Chong (best known for “The Matrix” and “Panther”)

These industry professionals will be here for ONE EVENING ONLY, sharing their expertise, experience and love for the business, giving actors an inside look at what agents, casting directors and producers are looking for.

Far too many actors fall prey to the pitfalls and frustrations of this business, because they lack experience and knowledge.  This seminar will help set struggling actors on the right path towards a successful career.

Some of the topics covered will include:

– Planning and kickstarting your career
– Understanding your market & character type
– Do’s and Don’ts of auditioning
– What can help an actor stand out at an audition, making them remember you
– The differences between film, commercial and industrial auditions
– How to get representation
– What if an agent doesn’t send me out enough or not at all?
– Increase your number of bookings, auditions & callbacks
– What are they looking for in that headshot and resume
– Networking, branding, marketing secrets & tools
– Union vs non-union
– What should I put on my demo reel and do they even look at it
– The importance of training
– Secrets of self-taped auditions
………and so much more!

If you have a headshot and resume, make sure to bring it with you!  After the seminar, there will be a Q&A session with the guest speakers and the artistic director of CAS.

This seminar is essential for anyone that is serious about having a successful career in the performing arts.

If you’re just starting out in the performing arts, or you’re tired of getting nowhere, and want to take your career to the next level, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss. It’s best to reserve a spot as early as possible since seating will be limited.

When you arrive, be ready for an unbelievable, eye-opening, and informative event!

Book a seat today! Call the Chicago Actors Studio at 773-645-0222, or register online by clicking the link below.