Marketing Seminar at the Chicago Actors Studio

Marketing Seminar at the Chicago Actors Studio

Show business is actually two words, “Show” and “Business” Way too many that aspire to fulfill their life-long dream of becoming a working actor know way too little about how this wacky but wonderful business works.  The “ins and outs,” Who’s who, What to do once you have training, where to go and what to look out for, and more.

So once again, The Chicago Actors Studio brings directly to you some of the major movers and shakers located right here in the Chicago-Land area, including:

– One of the top casting directors, David O’Connor of O’Connor Casting
– Film and TV producer and WGN radio host Carl Amari of Falcon Pictures and Hollywood 360
– Talent agent Susan Sherman of Ambassador Talent
– And celebrity guest Marcus Chong (best known for “The Matrix” and “Panther”)

These industry professionals will be here for ONE EVENING ONLY, sharing their expertise, experience and love for the business, giving actors an inside look at what agents, casting directors and producers are looking for.

Far too many actors fall prey to the pitfalls and frustrations of this business, because they lack experience and knowledge.  This seminar will help set struggling actors on the right path towards a successful career.

Some of the topics covered will include:

– Planning and kickstarting your career
– Understanding your market & character type
– Do’s and Don’ts of auditioning
– What can help an actor stand out at an audition, making them remember you
– The differences between film, commercial and industrial auditions
– How to get representation
– What if an agent doesn’t send me out enough or not at all?
– Increase your number of bookings, auditions & callbacks
– What are they looking for in that headshot and resume
– Networking, branding, marketing secrets & tools
– Union vs non-union
– What should I put on my demo reel and do they even look at it
– The importance of training
– Secrets of self-taped auditions
………and so much more!

If you have a headshot and resume, make sure to bring it with you!  After the seminar, there will be a Q&A session with the guest speakers and the artistic director of CAS.

This seminar is essential for anyone that is serious about having a successful career in the performing arts.

If you’re just starting out in the performing arts, or you’re tired of getting nowhere, and want to take your career to the next level, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss. It’s best to reserve a spot as early as possible since seating will be limited.

When you arrive, be ready for an unbelievable, eye-opening, and informative event!

Book a seat today! Call the Chicago Actors Studio at 773-645-0222, or register online by clicking the link below.


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CAS On The Spotlight for July


CAS Congratulates students and staff on their recent roles and participation in the following projects

Vicky Fligel
series regular “Game Of Thrones”

Richard Alpert
Senator in the feature film “Wind”

Molly Pan
ABC Family’s ” Switch At Birth”

Ramissa Maat
A Fun Hoosier Lottery spot inspired by the TV show The Walking Dead

Sidra Shaahed
Commercial shooting in New York

Robert Huynh
feature thriller ” Senoa”

There’s still time to register for one of our July classes!


Classes For July 2015

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great July 4th holiday weekend!

We have several workshops starting up shortly, and it’s not too late to register, but space is limited, so you’d better act fast!

Here’s what we have starting soon:

On-Camera Auditioning with casting director Robin Hughes

starting July 9th – 1 space remaining

Improv for Actors with CAS artistic director Edward Fogell

starting July 10th – 3 spaces remaining

On-Camera for Kids and Teens with Patti Balsis

starting July 14th – 2 spaces remaining

To register for class, go to or call us at 773-645-0222

Ear Prompter Class Returns May 21st!

Ear Prompter Class Returns May 21st!

This 5-week course offers valuable and necessary training specifically designed for those seriously interested in adding this technique to their toolbox of skills to broaden their opportunities. Ear prompter proficiency is often required by casting directors and is now an essential skill for professional actors. In fact, for many projects, actors who are Ear Prompter proficient are TEN TIMES more likely to be cast. Learning the Ear Prompter is also essential to be cast as a spokesperson, in Trade Shows, Industrial films and more. 

Classes will be held Thursdays from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, starting May 21st.

Ear Prompter class is instructed by professional actress, coach and spokesperson Patti Balsis.  To learn more about Patti, visit her site at

To register, call us at 773-645-0222, or just click the link below.


From The CAS Newsletter: The Importance Of A New Actor’s Public Image

This article was published in the March 2015 edition of the Chicago Actors Studio newsletter.  To get updates about CAS and read great advice columns like this, subscribe to the CAS Newsletter at

There are many ways of not getting cast that don’t even have anything to do with your acting ability.

This is  a topic that is usually tucked away in the back of my mind.  On occasion, I touch on it with the students in my acting workshops, but maybe not often enough.  Maybe because I didn’t think it pertained to too many actors.  Thinking it would be a column for only a few… so I probably haven’t covered it as often as I should.  Yet as time goes on, I’ve realized that I may have been mistaken.  I’ve been surprised over the last few years, learning about the number of times talent have been required to pass a background check before being hired for, say, a commercial for example.  Or more often (and sometimes more damaging) after an Internet search for material or experiences attached to a talent, certain brands may not want that talent representing their company.  Are you catching my drift?

In short, commercial actors should never take a job nor engage in conduct that would keep them from being hired in the future.

Let’s tackle the biggie right off the bat.  Porn.  I believe when you are pursuing a career in acting, specifically hoping to work in commercials, you may want to think twice about doing any kind of porn.  That includes cable TV, even the “soft” stuff.  There have been many actors who lose the job because they had made that choice in the past or were currently discovered to be working in the porn industry.  One time they used their actual name, another time they used a different name, blah blah blah.  Maybe you could get away with it, maybe not.  But there have been many an actor being “caught” and being passed up for that reason, and that reason alone. Exposing yourself in scenes such as a featured extra, bit part or in low or ultra low budget films, and even in a major film early in your careers, can easily ace you out of many casting opportunities that could have moved your career substantially forward. Those questionable photos on facebook and other social media, for example, can also be damaging. Of course one may argue that this stuff is all over the place in major films, done by major actors. Right, but their careers are already established and well on their way. Done too early, this will prevent you from being considered for many if not almost all commercial spots or industrial training films, representing a certain company’s products and services. They may also prevent you from being sent out on TV sitcoms and various other casting opportunities. Why risk it for some low or no pay situation just for the opportunity of being in front of a camera?

Now that we’ve got past the obvious and uncomfortable one, being on a reality TV show can be another reason an actor may be passed up.  I understand this is tricky.  There are examples of shows that launched an actor’s career.  It was their big break!  Great!  That may be the case with you, too.  Just know there is a possibility it could work against you as well.  If you hope to work for Disney, as one of many examples, you may want to avoid some of the more questionable shows.   Use discretion and think things through.  Even if it’s your aim to be one of the “good guys” on the show, the powers that be may not do the research to realize this… or care, frankly.  Your name associated with a reality TV show can mean (and often has) a pass, for that reason, and that reason alone.

Here is another hard truth.  Some of your past mistakes can hurt your career.  Specifically thinking of a DUI.  Although there are other things.  Already have one?  Forgive yourself and keep making better decisions.  Do you have a bad habit of drinking and driving?  There’s a million reasons why that is a terrible idea.  If the potential consequence is damaging your acting career then decide to grab a cab, Uber or Lyft next time.  I’ve experienced an actor being passed up for a role due to the fact they had a DUI, for that reason, and that reason alone.

And finally, the Internet is forever.  You have heard this phrase, surely.  It’s true.  In general, brands want sparkly and clean people to represent their products.  Use care in deciding what photos to post, what topics to cover in your blog… use care and consideration in what you post on the Internet.  Some of those things that you think are so cute, may not seem so by a potential buyer of your acting abilities. It’s becoming routine to search talent before hiring them for a commercial.  Don’t give the powers that be a reason to go with someone else.

If nothing else, please realize the choices you make outside the small commercial or TV, film, industrial training film world can become an unwanted factor in your acting career.  Most of the time you are not given a reason why you were passed over for a role, so avoid having these as reasons.  Make positive, smart, and informed choices and you will have no regrets.

-Edward Dennis Fogell

artistic director/CAS

Free Voice And Diction Workshop April 30th!

Our next free workshop is coming up on Thursday, April 30th.  This time around, students can get a sneak peek at our Voice and Diction class!

Speech is one of the most essential tools, not only for actors but for many professions.  The way we speak and the intonation of our voice showcases a lot about our personality.  In this class students are taught how to use their voice properly and develop it to its full potential.  Whether you’re planning on acting for the stage or screen, or just delivering a presentation at work, a voice class is essential to fluently communicate and express yourself with ease and confidence.

This class will run from 7:00pm to 8:30 on Thursday, April 30th.  Make sure you reserve a spot for yourself before the class fills up!  Call us today at 773-645-0222!

Private Acting Lessons Now Available via Skype


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The Chicago Actors Studio is now offering private acting coaching via Skype!

This is perfect for actors who are serious about their careers and want to study their craft, but live far away from Chicago or have transportation difficulties.  Well now you can receive the finest acting training Chicago has to offer, without leaving the comfort of your own home.  All you need is an internet connection and a webcam!

Since scheduling is flexible, these private classes are also ideal for those who work odd hours, or just aren’t available during regular studio hours.

Standard private coaching rates apply.  To learn more about one on one acting lessons at CAS click here!

To book your online acting lessons today, call us at 773-645-0222

Free Improv Class at CAS on April 16th!


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On Thursday, April 16th, the Chicago Actors Studio will be holding a Free Improv Workshop from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Improv is an incredibly useful skill for the actor, helping to boost creativity, spontaneity, and timing for performing on stage or on camera.

The class will be instructed by Jeff Broitman, who has taught classes and directed in New York at Riverdale Country School and The Actor’s Institute.

0913 Shot

Although this class is free, space will be limited, so make sure you reserve a spot today by calling us at 773-645-0222.

Or just click the link below!


How To Guarantee To Fail As An Actor

The very first way to make certain that you fail is by not attending this crucial workshop, packed wall to wall with information and guidance that every single actor NEEDS TO KNOW.  It’s what you don’t know, or think you know, or the many myths that you believe in that’s going to almost GUARANTEE that you will not make it in this business!

We guarantee this seminar will be an absolutely eye-opening experience containing information and tools that you have never even considered or known about prior to attending. You will walk away with a brand new perspective of the business and armed with tools that will catapult and supercharge your career with new productive strategies to achieve a successful career.

OR not attend, and keep making the same mistakes that 90 percent of all would-be actors continue to make. The choice is yours.

This seminar will be conducted by people that know this business, that have researched hundreds of professionals in the arts such as Academy Award winning stars, Agents, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, Acting Coaches and Marketing Professionals, just to name a few, and bringing all their experience right to you.

The cost of a seminar like this would normally be as much as $300. The cost to you? $35 and 3 hours of your time. The value? Immeasurable.

Attend or decide to pass up on this great opportunity. If you are absolutely serious about making it in this business, the choice is simple.

Date: May 2nd

Time: 3pm-6pm

Price: $35

Learn The essentials of the business, including:

– How to plan your acting career

– Knowing your type

– The Concept and Importance of branding

– Creative Marketing tools and Techniques

– An Actors’ Slate

– Your Demo

– Headshots

– Resumés as it pertains to various markets

– What you should leave off your resume that will get you further ahead

– Networking Techniques

– How and when to get representation

– How to create good working relationships with your agent

– Ins and Outs of Union membership

– Finding and Winning Auditions

– How to get casting directors to notice you?

– How to avoid scams

– The Techniques of negotiating deals

– The right mindset

– Working the red carpet

– and more

Question and Answer session at the conclusion of this event.

Book a seat today!  Call the Chicago Actors Studio at 773-645-0222 to reserve!